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Dome Shelters

Dome Shelters have many uses, including:

  • Emergency Housing
  • Military use
  • Relief efforts
  • Quarantine
  • Migrant/Worker Housing
  • Hurricane Shelter
  • Homeless Community

InterShelter Sustainable Domes

The InterShelter is a revolutionary portable shelter made of high-tech aerospace composite material that bridges the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally-built framed houses. The InterShelter can be easily assembled in just a few hours by two or three people. The durable exterior and insulated interior of the InterShelter Sustainable Dome provide complete protection from the elements – including 150+ mph, Category 5 hurricane winds. Equipped with the Millennia DC HVAC, the InterShelter will stay warm in sub-zero degree temperatures and cool in 100 degree plus, extreme heat. The quality and protection of the InterShelter make it ideally suited for use as a command center for first responders, safe emergency shelter, or military use.

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TriMetalCor Shelters

Each unit meets OSHA and California Building code requirements.  Types of units available include:

  • Showers (each capable of proving for up to 100 workers)
  • Toilets (each capable of proving for up to 250 workers)
  • Sleeping Quarters (each provides 6 workers with private sleeping quarters)

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