Serving the Central Coast for over 35 years, Nostalgic’s Inc. started out as a chimney sweep service and grew into the service-orientated corporation it is today. Roy LaPlante is the founder and original chimney sweep, and is still the service provider for your alternative energy needs. As a family man with 5 children, he is focused on the conservation of our resources so that our children can utilize those resources in their future.

Alternative Energy Solutions is a division of Nostalgic’s Inc. that is focused on the distribution of new energy efficient products and the education of what can be accomplished through conservation and green energy investments for your home and business.

Conserving Today for Our Children’s Tomorrow

The business concept of a "whole house" approach to energy conservation is new and very exciting because of the cost of green energies. By mixing the conservation approach with the green energy approach, you have a more diversified investment and greater savings overall. This also leads to a quicker payback on your investments. A bigger solar array is not a better utilization of your money as you are still using more electricity. We are here to reduce your footprint upon the planet and save you money at the same time.